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Reading your article from Fiona it mentions the Buggar dog as being Huntaway/ Rottie cross. I am the breeder of that dog and he is actually half huntaway a quarter rottie and then a sixteenth rough coat collie and a sixteenth heading dog. He actually goes back to a very smart handy dog that was worked on a cow farm. Being female and unneutred and the only working dog on the farm she often managed to wander away and produced several litters to different fathers.These pups from the different litters were put back to each other and eventually a father daughter mating produced the bugger dog or Herc as he is known. His father worked anything was incredibally bright and needed no direction once he knew where the stock were going too. A true handy dog.He also did farm work. He had the capacity to bark but preferred to use his eye although he moved stock in the huntaway style. Hope this is interesting to you 

Cheers Leslee


If you have any other information on the history of the Huntaway, please contact me so I can update this section.

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