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Welcome to The Huntaway Club

Due to the death of Rufus of Sussex, I do not feel able to continue with this website.  I would therefore like to offer this domain etc for sale. Please contact me if you feel you would like to continue with this website.  I feel this website has a lot of potential.  Contact Ray


My first introduction to the Huntaway was in 1988 when I went to purchase a Border Collie pup.  I was living in Bulford, Wiltshire and in the local paper a shepherd was advertising Border Collie pups for sale and as I had set my heart on one, called him to ask if I could see the litter.  As Robert lived only a few miles from Bulford I went to see him.  Robert had about a dozen Collies and a Huntaway.  I had never heard of a Huntaway.

I bought a Border Collie pup and called him Tom and he was a fantastic dog, a real character.  I also had a CollieXSpaniel called Sally and she was a real treat of a dog too.  I kept in touch with Robert and some weekends I would go and see him working his dogs and sheep and spend all day with him.  I was intrigued by his Huntaway called Scott and it was such a treat to watch him work the sheep.  Rounding up the flock with his continuous barking (more like a wailing) the sheep would go wherever he wanted them to go.  The flocks were mainly on or around Salisbury Plain and in the hot weather the heat and dryness became unbearable.  After a short while the Borders would lie down panting, but Scott would just work and work. 

Through bad fortune I eventually had to give my dogs away and I was heartbroken and vowed I would never have another dog.  As the years passed I yearned for a dog and after some time I made my mind up I would get another.  I would never have another Border as I knew I would be looking for Tom in whichever dog I had and that would bring back too many painful memories.    I decided if I was to get another dog it would have to be a Huntaway.

I searched high and low for a Huntaway but did not know where to start.    Eventually I surfed the web and found an advert for some Huntaways on the Farming On line website.  The pups were in Stratford on Avon.  I contacted the lady who had the pups and I went up there for the weekend.  I told her I wanted a large dog and he was to be a pet.  She told me she had just the one for me, he was the biggest and had the most enormous feet you had ever seen.  Once I saw him, I was smitten and brought him home.  His name is Rufus.

This website is dedicated to the Huntaway, also known as The New Zealand Sheepdog.

If you own a Huntaway or are interested in the breed then this is the website for you.

The site will contain (hopefully) all you could ever wish to know about the breed.  I will endeavour to link to all the Huntaway sites throughout the world (there is a Japan Huntaway Club).

Please do not send pictures of your dog asking if it is a Huntaway.  We are not in a position to express opinions.

Someone has very kindly sent me a videoclip,  mpeg (1.73MB) of an advert that stars a Huntaway.  If you would like me to send you a copy of it, please let me know.  The clip contains an expletive "b****r".

About the dog in the movie here

An excellent article about the working Huntaway from Fiona here

Re-homing for Huntaways - West Sussex

Your website host is  Ray

Please come back and visit us and I'll see you soon.

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